The Far Side of Silence


First Edition Listed at #13 on Goodreads Best Political Novels:

When Air Force One is shot down over the Mediterranean with no survivors Alexander Gray, a secret agent for the President, is tasked to execute his life’s most dangerous undercover mission, something he has never done before.

As the world teeters on the brink of war with Russia, Gray finds himself caught up in a high-stakes game, danger lurking in every corner. The new president secretly orders the US navy to prepare the Sigonella Naval Air Station on Sicily for a stealthy rescue of the Russian president, whom many believe is responsible for shooting down Air Force One.

Portrayal and deception are in the air and Gray knows that he cannot trust anyone but himself to outwit his enemies and save the president. So, he does what he does best, secretly dancing around the web of lies and focusing on its mission.

The clock is ticking and Gray soon finds out that it might not be just his life on the line but two– the President’s and his own.

Inspired by the journey of ex-Navy Seal Alexander Gray, The Far Side of Silence is an outstanding political and spy thriller by Robert B Marcus Jr. and Kim Frank Richardson, with intrigue, suspense, and twists on every page.

Will Gray survive and bring the conspirators to justice? Or will his many enemies get the best of him?

Although Amazon has removed the reviews associated with the first edition of this book, many reviews are available on Goodreads: The Far Side of Silence by Robert B. Marcus Jr. Goodreads

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